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WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers

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Protect Your Plants with WindGuard™

Designed for Growers, Garden Centers [retail displays] and Home / Patio Gardeners

Protect your plants from high winds with WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers. These innovative devices link multiple plant containers together in order to prevent tip-overs, blow-overs, and similar events. When a container tips over, it could damage the plant and spill valuable topsoil. But the WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers let you grow higher-quality plants with less labor, which means lower costs and higher profits.

WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers
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About Northfield Nursery LLC

Northfield Nursery LLC is an Ohio Licensed Grower based in Hillsboro. Since 1995, we have specialized in contract propagation and in growing a finished stock of selected ornamental shrubs. As our operation grew, we noticed a real problem with shrubs blowing over in high winds. In response, we developed our line of WindGuard™ products in order to meet these needs and began selling to other growers in 2010.


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