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WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers

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Designed for Growers, Garden Centers [retail displays] and Home / Patio Gardeners

Protect your plants from high winds with WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers. These innovative devices link multiple plant containers together in order to prevent tip-overs, blow-overs, and similar events. When a container tips over, it could damage the plant and spill valuable topsoil. But the WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers let you grow higher-quality plants with less labor, which means lower costs and higher profits.

WindGuard™ Container Stabilizers
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About Northfield Nursery LLC

Northfield Nursery LLC is run by Jim Kinzer, an Ohio Licensed Grower based in Hillsboro. Since 1995, he has specialized in contract propagation, growing a finished stock of selected ornamental shrubs. But as our operation grew, he noticed a real problem with shrubs blowing over in high winds. In response, he developed our line of WindGuard™ products in order to meet these needs and began selling to other growers in 2010.

Check back soon for more great products from Northfield Nursery LLC. We will soon be offering customizable point-of-sale placards that are perfect for inserting into the soil of plants you are selling. Customers will quickly be able to identify the plant and see the price.


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